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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

farm share happiness

Our visit to Fisher Farm yesterday for the first CSA pick-up was like a winter's dream come true.   I felt like I needed my own countdown chart like we do for the kids when something they anticipate is a long way off.  Last Monday I said to myself, "Is it tomorrow?!" only to realize we still had a week to go.
I long for the green goodness of Fisher Farm in the depth of winter, but especially in the murkiness of March and April.  Then, finally,  yesterday was the first of 22 weeks we get to reap the rewards of our hardworking and much beloved farmers.
I believe this is our tenth year as members of Fisher Farm (we started the summer I was pregnant with Ella) and I can tell you that it is very happy relationship.  For $580 (that is only $26 a week) we get to eat the best food I could imagine. 
As usual, Maya is all about helping out.
In the spring the shares start light and leafy.  We got 3 heads of bok choi family, a bunch of radishes, two heads of lettuce bigger than my head, a big bag of spinach, a bunch of kale, a bag of spicy greens (for salads or cooking) and a bouquet of flowers.  In the summer we will have much of that plus tomatoes, zucchinis, melons, herbs, beans, eggplant, peas, snap peas and a whole bunch more.  I don't think there is anyway you could get what we got yesterday at the farmer's market for the same price.
Last night for supper we had crispy kale (recipe here) a light salad with ginger dressing and some delicious fish and baked potatoes Sandi's mom sent me home with when I went to Beals to work Monday.  (Yes, she is that kind of unbelievable mother-in-love that sends dinner home for us.)

I say, happy Fisher Farm day and yay for the season when healthy food is sold on the side of the road!

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