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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marry me?

We have an ongoing joke at our house about when proposals for marriage will be given.  I say I'm waiting to be asked.  Sandi says that she already wears her mom's diamond engagement ring and so, naturally, I need a diamond of my own.  I agree.  We scan our checkbook and shrug. 

It will be a while.

Ella said to me yesterday, "When WILL you and Mommy get married?"  I said my usual line: "Well, Mommy would have to ask me first."  Ella, exasperated, replied, "MOMMA, maybe she is waiting for YOU to ask HER!"

In all honesty, we would really like to be able to have a real reception when we get married so we are waiting for the paychecks to roll in in about 10 months.  But that doesn't stop people from applying pressure.  A few weeks ago someone Sandi used to know from college said to us at Starbucks, "Really?  After all that and you haven't gotten married yet?'

I'm sorry.  I didn't realize we OWED it to people to enter into matrimony 5 minutes after we were able just because they voted yes on question 1. 

But really the point of this post is to share with you the poem Ella wrote last night.  When I told Sandi what Ella said to me about her waiting for me to propose, Sandi said that maybe she would do a joint deal in which she would ask to marry me and for our family to get a dog (I am the one holding out).  If she thinks this is a way to sweeten the deal, she is for surely wrong. 

Nevertheless...proposals and dog requests apparently go together now.

"Wedding" by Ella Carver

kiss   kiss

hug  hug

marry me?

will you get


I  LOVE that my daughter is spontaneously writing poetry and says things like, "The words are just there in my head and I need to write them down."

Also,  there are no rings, no dates and no dogs as of yet.

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Anonymous said...

sweet Ella! No pressure- you two will "tie the knot" at just the right time :) ~K

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