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Thursday, March 21, 2013

anna's birthday present

Last year for Brady's seventh birthday, we took him on a "date"- a fun day for just him with our family.  We went all over town, out to lunch and had a grand time.  We also took lots of video and photos and Sandi put it into a cute little movie for him. 

Anna, his little sister, has been wanting a day of her very own ever since.  And, because her birthday was 10 months away, she had to wait for a while.

We gave her a certificate for her special day at her December birthday party and we finally (as Ella said, because she was very disheartened by the delay) took Anna out last weekend.  (Ella doesn't acknowledge an insignificant thing like anesthesia school and its hinderance of our social calendar.)

When I asked Anna what she wanted to do she said, "I want to go to the Maine Jump and to the park but not to Dr. Suess because I'm going to see that at school."


I wasn't really sure what she was talking about since I had made no overtures toward planning the day until I spoke to her.  Then Ange translated:  "Last year you took Brady to see the Lorax and Anna is going to be watching that at school and so she doesn't want you to take her to see it."

I love the way kids think.  And I loved that, given the year she had to think on it, she had a sense of what she wanted.  I loosely made a plan in my head.   Then we met Matt halfway to pick her up and he said, "I asked Anna what she wanted to do with you and she said, 'I don't know.  I may just see what I feel like.'" 

Then I started to panic.  Did she have the wrong idea about this day?

I reviewed the tentative itinerary for the Maine Jump, lunch and the park and she said yes.  Phew.

happy girls ready for some fun
The Maine Jump is a cool indoor "inflatable playplace."  The kids love it.  For about 90 minutes.  Your fee allows you to stay as long as you want, but like our family eating at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, we never get our money's worth. 

But it is the padded room of my dreams for Maya.

Look how happy Anna is!
There was a little air hockey action which was good practice for Maya on losing graciously.  Or at least to reduce her desire to punch her opponent in the face given a loss.

I happen to think Anna is a total stunner.

After lunch at the place of her choosing (Sea Dog), the kids wanted to run up.  We ran into our friends, Emily and Davy, and so we chatted while the kids ran.
Maya was having fun running while Davy threw his hat at her.  I managed to get this picture of the throw and run in action.

Then onto the park.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  But it was only 43 degrees and it did get rather chilly out there.  Still, it was pretty wonderful to be back on the playground.
Fortunately for Maya, Ella's feet got wet and she went to hang in the car.  That meant Maya had Anna's undivided attention.

They began to collect random bits of things on the playground and develop creations.  (Oh, Ange, I forgot to tell you to wash Anna's gloves....)  

Here we have an ice cream cone, an umbrella and a jacket.  

Love these girls. Now, if only they would stop with the birthdays and the growing older part. 

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