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Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been talking to Maya a fair amount about the naughty and nice list.  I kind of had no choice.  She was SO naughty and belligerent at the end of Sandi's semester.  She went from tuning it out to pleading with me to tell her if Santa will bring her presents if she has been having a bought of naughtiness.

I'm not sure what she is worried about, actually, since she tells everyone who asks that she doesn't want anything from Santa anyway.  Perhaps she feels she is all set. Imagine that.

Yesterday, she was full of silliness.  She was playing with her mouth in the backseat of the car in her typical, self-stimulating way: tongue out, blowing raspberries in a rhythmic pattern.  As she watched her spittle shin in the sun she announced, "I have sparks coming out of my mouth!"

Her new line when she is about to perform a trick or a joke is, "Wait for it....wait for it...."

We went to a party Saturday night and our babysitter came over after the girls were asleep.  Around 11 Maya came downstairs to find Olivia in the living room.  Maya looked at her, didn't say a word, put her blanket over her head and spun around and went back up to bed.

Each year we do the Portable North Pole for the girls  If you have kids and haven't seen it, you should check it out.  You get to personalize a video message from Santa. Super cute.

Sandi did one each for the girls while they were in the tub last night.  They sat down to watch it, Ella first, as Santa told her he knew where she lives, how old she is, what she wants for Christmas and that he knows she has been working on being nicer to her sister this year.  Then the elves put her "file" into a machine and the lights either light up green or red depending on the if you are on the naughty list.  I'm telling you, they even insert some suspense in there.

Ella's, naturally, lite up green.  Then it was Maya's turn.

Santa went through the same things with her and said he knew she was working hard to pick up her toys.  Then her file went into the machine and, wait for it....BOTH lights lite up.  Red and green. I stood there in stunned amazement.  Then Santa announced that it was "too early to tell" and "there was still time to get on the nice list."

I decided in that moment that I had fallen love with Sandi all over again.  I also had to leave the room in a laughing fit.

Maya apparently was mostly unfazed and Ella tried to give her a pep talk, as only those secure in their position on the nice list can.

When I came back out Sandi whispered to me, "I don't know how that happened!"  She didn't mean to do it.  She thinks she forgot to check naughty or nice and so it placed Maya in some sort of Santa purgatory. 

We will have to an updated one in a few day.

Later that night she said to me, "Have you been naughty or nice today Momma?"  I told her nice. 
She replied, "Well, let me check my list."  And she did.

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