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Thursday, December 15, 2011

a letter writing campaign

Rest assured, Ella might not believe in overnight polar flights but she does still believe in the big guy.

Here she is writing her letter to Santa:

She requests a sewing kit, a caterpillar kit (where you grow caterpillars into butterflies- can you see them in the Maine winter?) with magnifying glass and book, some high high high tops (converse boots that look like the sneakers) and a radio that goes anywhere.  There is a picture of the boot and a lot of "pleases" which pleased me.

Yes, our child asked for a boom box.

Hopefully Santa won't hold it against her that she doubted his messenger.

Maya dictated her letter to me.  In it she requested a pink baby doll (god help us- do you know how many baby dolls she has?), a sled (awesome idea) and her very own gum (remember she has an oral fixation). 

Meanwhile, the elves best get busy.


The Thai Family said...

the butterfly kits are awesome. We have them. You won't be able to have the caterpillars shipped until warmer temps come though. :( But a great kit to welcome spring... eventually!

Raina @ Mamacita Spins The Globe said...

I love her fashion sense! High High High top converse sneakers are super cool!

(we also did the butterfly kit, it was fun!)

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