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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sleeping arrangments among other things

Yesterday morning Ella informed me that she feels it is unfair that Mommy and I get to sleep together every night and that she has to sleep with Maya every night.

 I wasn't really sure where to go with that.

Tonight we were out for supper with the Carvers and I was speaking to Ella who wasn't paying attention.  Maya called across the table to her, "El, your mother is speaking to you!"

This past weekend we went to see our friends Katie and Alex's daughter 11-year-old daughter Mikayla in a play. Ella sort of hero worships Mikayla and she looked almost star struck the entire time sitting on Sandi's lap for a better view. I, however, was rummaging around in my bag trying to find snacks to occupy Maya who was draped over my head and all over my lap and whispering to the people behind us.  At one particularly quiet moment in the play she began, in a deep baratone, "DO A DEER!  A FEMALE DEER!"  Mercifully, because this song doesn't know a quick ending once it begins, the kids onstage began a musical number and Maya's VonTrapp rendition was muted.

It had me remembering back to being at Santa's Village this past summer and sitting in the completely quiet Tinkerdoodle Theater after the lights had gone down, waiting for the show to start.  Suddenly out of the silent darkness Maya yelled, for the packed theater to hear, "MOMMY AND MOMMA LOVE ME!"

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Katie said...

oh my goodness we had that fight with Mikayla for YEARS! 'it's not fair!', 'you and katie ALWAYS get to sleep together, and i'm all aloonnnnneeeee' (whimper, whimper) 'i'm so cold, and it doesn't MATTER how many blankets you give me! you have a warm PERSON to snuggle with!'...'i don't understand, momma - don't you love me just as much? why can't we ALL sleep together??' oh my goodness - daggers to the heart! it was probably worse for mikayla since she truly was all alone, with no siblings, but - oh. I have no advice for this one! that was a very difficult time for us!

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