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Friday, December 24, 2010

holly jolly

The girls and I just got back from some last minute errands.  We were downtown at Epic Sports (locally owned outdoorsy store.)  I was more than a little pleased that when we walked in Ella said, "Oh!  I love this place!"

While they zig zagged in and out of clothing racks, shoe displays and Turtle Fur, I did my shopping and went up to pay.  I told the cashier how much my kids love it there...but I wasn't entirely sure where they were.

Just then a woman walked in the front door and said, "Does anyone know that there are two little girls in the window display?"

I found them among the felt snow, the hanging snowflakes and the giant snowman - they were holding up a tree that they had knocked down.  At least they were responsible in their rule breaking.

While Santa will be flying tonight for most, he will be making a special trip to our house on the 29th since Sandi is at work for the next 5 days.  We have other Christmasy plans but it isn't quite the same when our team is one player down (and by not the same I mean it's like taking the net and the racquets away from a tennis court and still calling the game tennis) so we are doing our best to make it fun and see the people we love.  My mom spends the night tonight and we will go together to my sister's tomorrow.  Still, the girls get that it is Christmas Eve for everyone else and they are full of the cheer and are shouting "Merry Christmas!" to everyone and anyone.

I told Ella when we got home we were going to make some cut out sugar cookies to take to the Manhart's for Christmas Eve.  She replied, "Oh that is good.  The only problem is I eat too much cookie dough and then I don't feel good.  It is like part of my body is saying 'don't eat anymore!' and the other part is saying 'I want more!' and its kind of like a fight in there."

Welcome to my world.

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