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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Downeast Maine

We've had Christmas all over the month of December this year. With Sandi working a five day stretch from the 24th-28th, we had to be creative.  We decorated early and have enjoyed the cheery coziness of the house all month.

The girls enjoyed it so much that some twirling was called for.

We spent the weekend before Christmas on Beals Island celebrating with the Carvers.  Somehow we manage to pack a ton into one weekend from Christmas Eve lobster dinner to painting nails and braiding bread, we fit it all in.

A long standing family tradition is for Patti to read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."  Now her most captive audience is a rowdy six and under bunch. 

Me and Brock (Trisha's boyfriend) who I've passed the braiding torch to. It is hard to explain how this braided bread became such an integral part of Christmas because I'm not certain I know (I think it is something as unexciting as finding the recipe in a Yankee Swap cookbook and making it once for pleased mouths and now it is in demand annually) but I love it. I have to make 2 giant loaves because the family perfoms some serious disappearing magic on it.

There was even an appearance from Buzz Light Year.
And a giant catepillar.

Our girls had no choice but to seek some downtime...
Sandi's dad Dwight- a perfect picture of his characteristic twinkling eyes.

The next day it was on to the children's program at church. 

I really have no idea what came over Ella, originally declining any participation in the program.  But she (and not surprisingly Maya) quickly grew to love the spotlight.
Sometimes it is hard to remember to keep perspective when there is an overwhelming amount of stimulation from the littlest members of the family but I tried to adopt the mantra:  "relax- these years are short." 

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