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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy our baby

Anyone who has kids knows that it is nearly impossible to wrap your head around the fact that your child comes to you as a helpless infant and within a radically short span of time becomes a citizen of the world with ideas, opinions, proclivities, quirks, mannerisms, dreams and desires of their very own. 

Just to look over our shoulders for a moment...

In the beginning:

First birthday.

                                                                                               Second birthday.

Last year.

Earlier this week:

And just yesterday. 

Here she is world!  She stands on her own two feet and is ready to take you by storm.  Consider yourself forewarned.


Angela said...

My goodness I love that girl! It was been so so much fun watching her & Anna grow up together and I look forward to sharing many many more years together with our beautiful families. We love you all so much.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to Maya!

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