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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sandi celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday.

She asked for breakfast in bed, an hour of Loony Tunes (wait, didn't I just say she turned 35?) and a trip to Bar Harbor to check out road bikes to compare with the bike stores near us.

What to give the girl whose got it all? (ah ha ha ha ha ha!!)
Why a Specialized Tri-Cross Comp, of course.

This is the super nice owner guy who told us all about when President Obama and family came to town and he got to outfit them with bikes.  He gave Sandi a super good birthday deal (read: it's fall and sales are falling so why not?) and it was just too good to pass up. So with a bike that weighs less than my purse, bike clips and free water bottles (!) later out we go.

Go buy a bike from him.  He's nice AND he's a democrat.

Maya, going gangsta.

Then on to dinner at the Sea Dog where the newly minted Kindergartner showed off her coloring skills.

There was lots of love going around...

And then home for birthday cake.

This would be the trickery cake- the one everyone thinks is so incredibly decadent but is loaded full of shredded zucchini.  Here it is topped with a Beals Island frosting (white mountain frosting) that tastes like what it would be like to live in a cloud over Candy Land.
For entertainment during the cake course, we had Maya.

They say 35 is the prime of your life.  Now Sandi has an awesome new bike to go out and show off her prime on.  If only her poor bum could get used the aerodynamic seat that made it so it was hard to sit down today.  You gotta love the prime.  Go 35!

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