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Thursday, July 2, 2009

vacation report

All I can say is, it is a good thing we have another vacation in four weeks.

Why, you ask?

Because it rained every frickin' day but one.

Luckily that was the one full day we went camping. (Out of all the pictures to follow I think you will see one with actual sun.)

I think I have figured out the feared-by-some Apocalypse. If one wanted to end the world, there would be no need for mass destruction. Simply remove the sunshine, and people would just shrivel up and cease to be. This is what we are dangerously on the brink of here in the Northeast.

So what do you do during a vacation full of precipitation and endless clouds?


First you through a baby shower for your very pregnant sister/sister-in-love...

Tattoos for the kiddos. Brevan was very serious about his.

The cake I made that almost was a wreckage of sugar and butter but was salvaged by the flowers that hid all the flaws.

You eat whipped cream for supper...

You invite your friend from Canada over for dinner...

and then have her bathe your children... (great to see you Kizzy :))

You swim in the heated pool because it is only 60 degrees...

You watch your baby birds contemplate departure...

And, when it looks like there might be a break, you pop up the pop-up.

And hit the beach...

what could be a more perfect suit for her?

We now call her Maya kissy-face Carver

first sparkler

see, we so aren't making it up! look at that face!

gettting ready for bed

we used to backpack, then car camp with a tent- now we go where there are real bathrooms and you brush your teeth with running water. And now I bow to the pop-up.

"Let me outta here!"

And...our vacation ended with a most wonderful trip to a swanky resort hotel in Bar Harbor thanks to the gracious and loving childcare provided by Matt and Angela. We cannot thank you enough for the precious time and the wonder of moving at our own pace, lounging in a hot tub, sleeping in, drinking champagne and eating cheesecake on an ocean front patio...

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