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Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy (rainy) fourth

I think that I did the most patriotic thing I have ever done in my life this morning.

Ella and I made a red,white and blue watermelon "cake", lite a candle and sang happy birthday to the USA.

A day late.

This is the photo of what it was supposed to look like. Not too shabby considering a four-year-old and I did this together. But the big lie (the one they don't tell you about in the recipe?) is there is no way you can use real whipped cream because it melted almost before I got a photo. It is probably shaving cream in the picture.

The real fourth was spent at the parade (I have decided since I have never been in a parade before, I should make this my goal for 2010), and two BBQs. The first one complete with a giant inflatable kids pool that had a massive water slide. It was so much fun that Sandi decided to go for a swim in her jeans. She says that Maya had slid under water and that she "lost her footing" when she went in after her, but I know that the brief appearance of the sun made her a little crazy.

I do have to wonder, though, why it was necessary for her to drop kick Maya over to the other side of the (luckily inflated) side wall when her flip-flop hit the pool floor like a banana peel and her long legs had no where to go except in contact with Maya's little submerged body...

Anyway, that was Sandi's only day off out of 5 and it was like I realized this morning that I had two more days of creative mommying ahead so we decided on the cake this morning.

It is really only fruit and whipped cream, but c'mon, isn't any day started with whipped cream a better one?

Okay, the candle was more at Ella's prompting then out of a real patriotic spirit...

And as a birthday present? I think I can see the sun this morning...

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