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Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank you Emilie!

(Explanation at bottom...)

Ella & Emmie on New Year's Eve

Thanks for the gentle reminder, Emilie! I'm glad someone is going to hold us to our resolution. Never hurts to have your feet held to the fire.

What a crazy time we've had to wrap up our holiday season. We spent Christmas on the island as most of you know. We traveled back home on a Friday and had our Christmas on Saturday. On Sunday, we had some of our most favorite people (Emilie, Sam, Skyler and Reed) over for a birthday dinner (Happy Birthday, Sammy). On Monday, we also spent New Year's Eve with some of our most favorite people (Mindy, Charissa and Emerson). It was a big sleep over, complete with more Christmas, sparkling wine, and a wide awake baby to ring in the new year (she may have fallen asleep prior to that actual ball drop). Trish came to stay with us a couple of nights during the week and then Kris and Brev came to stay on the weekend. Mom and Dad came to see one of Trishy's games at Hampden Academy and to stay for dinner. We've installed new countertops to make space for the dishwasher that will be arriving on Wednesday. Mindy came by to do some light plumbing and while she was here we were fortunate to have visits from Charissa and Em and Meredith and Rosalyn.

All in all, we've been blessed with some crazy times full of friends and family. Many of you will be very happy to hear that Ella is now mostly potty trained (when she wants to be, hence, the "mostly" part). Maya is a much happier "dairy-free" baby. Suzanne went back to work yesterday and I'm finally getting back to the computer to give you all an update.

The mantra in our house right now is, "I can do it. I can do it! I can do it!!" Always three in a row with each being more emphatic that the previous.

Here are some recent pics....

Our smily girl

Charissa, Ella & Em attempting a Christmas pic together...

(Charissa was the only cooperative one in all 8 pictures)

Gramp & his kids

Ella & Brevie lovin' it up on the couch

Until Brevie decided to give a full body hug
and then things got ugly


Jeannine said...

Happy New Year!!
Lovin' the pics....
In the absence of a new blog entry (as promised in the New Year's resolution declaration), I was beginning to wonder if you two had a new baby and toddler in the house or something!!!!
Love J & M : )

The Thai Family said...

Love the "mostly" potty trained. Lainey is the same way. She does great when she wants to. No problem peeing. Rarely has an accident unless she's really occupied and even then it's rare. But BM's have been back and forth. We've found when we give her control over the issue she does really well and asks to go, otherwise she takes us reminding her as a challenge, tries to hold it in and thus has major mishaps with it. Glad to hear things are going well and that you guys seem to be falling into a great rhythm! We miss being next door to all of you!

Emilie said...

Praise the lord. a dishwasher. and a potty trained toddler. HOORAY!
love you!

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