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Monday, January 21, 2008

What more is there to say?

This afternoon, Sandi was sleeping, Ella had just woken up and I was trying to get Maya to sleep (that is what we do in our house - take shifts sleeping. I think there is about a 4 hour overlap when we are all sleeping at once.) She was crying, resisting sleep which is typical for her in the afternoon. Ella looked at me seriously and said, "I think she needs the boob."

Ella in Momma's Winter Gear

(I believe Suzanne refered to her as a muppet.)

Ella & Chilly in their matching princess dresses

1 comment:

Jeannine said...

WOW! How nice to catch up on all with the Carver Fam.... I knew that you guys hadn't disappeared from the face of the earth as I was happily on the receiving end of a fabulous massage this last week (call me Pudding!)BUT I was so missing and wondering where the blogs were. So glad that nothing was lost with the computer scare.
Welcome to the newest family member, does she have any siblings - cousins or anything of the like?? For a household of mostly just two, we'd swear that the neighbors drop off their dishes daily as they drive by as our sink miraculously fills as quickly as we can turn around!! Enjoy!!!!
Congrats on the conquering the potty training battle(?)! It will surely make life easier to have just one in diapers.
Hope your first day back to work was not too painful Sandi... know it's not easy as I've been there- done that x's three.
Glad all sounds quiet and well on the homefront. MUST connect soon and share in the love of your two little beauties!
Love J (& M)

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