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Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Giant Mailbox

Ella's lovely new rice table

We need more rice...

Ella in her brand spankin' new, princess sleeping bag and rockin' tutu

Our smily little girl

This morning, Ella decided that we should go down to the basement and build a "rice table." Down we went to check out what spectacular materials we might have that we could assemble such a thing. I love my toys, I mean tools, and enjoy creating whatever my imagination should grasp hold of at 2:00 a.m. So, those of you who know me best know well that I am a shameless wood scrap collector. I will keep just about anything. Don't laugh, I've conjured many a useful item out of wood scraps. Look at our corner shelves in the living room that hold our surround sound speakers, or Ella's book shelf and closet rod in her bedroom, or the kid table and chairs in the living room. The list goes on. And you never know when your 3 year old might decide that she needs a rice table, "just like the one at preschool."

Anyhow, Ella and I set out the find just the right scraps for a rice table when she asked, "What's that giant mailbox for?" I looked around, hunting for the giant mailbox. "Do you mean that blue tote?" "No," she responded, and pointing to the corner, exclaimed "that giant mailbox over there!" I followed her gesture, and wouldn't you know it, we hold our oil in a giant mailbox.


Jeannine said...

What pretty happy looking young Carver ladies!!!
Isn't it about time for the older Carver ladies to have an outing so that some friends might be able to step in and scoop up some of those smiles...(Hint, hint!!)
Love J & M

Emilie said...

great idea for a rice table! Skyler can't wait to come over and spill it all over your house.

Okay, Carvers, it's time for a January post! (and yes, so far we are still moving to Hampden. yippie!)

Marie said...

Hi Girls
Thanks for the note, and lovely pictures, the girls are just adorable. You are very welcome. Can you email me your email address, I have a question!

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