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Friday, November 22, 2013

The second biggest thank you ever.

In thinking about the 27 month journey of anesthesia school (and I'm truly sorry if you are all done hearing about it...I am not quite done talking about it yet), I was thinking back to how it felt when it began.  I remembered this post I wrote with such a heavy heart as we geared up for what we knew would be a long road.  It feels amazing to be on the other side.

While I cannot agree with what so many people have said about how "that went by pretty fast!", I can say that at times it felt like it would never end but it is shocking that we have already arrived on the other side.  For sure, there were parts of it that were harder than I imagined and other ways in which we proved ourselves stronger than I knew.  We came out a little bruised, a little exhausted but in general I'm incredibly proud of how we did.

That being said, it was time for the girls to get their graduation gift.  Because, out of anyone, I believe this has been hardest on them.

Sandi told them, in an unprecedented parental act, that she would get them "whatever they wanted" as a gift when it was over. I had nightmares of entire villages of American Doll paraphernalia that cost more than a car.  But, no, as usual, I could take my finger off the panic button.

The girls wanted mini iPads of their very own.

So after much planning and strategizing, it looked to be an Apple graduation after all.

Sandi hit the technology and building while I jumped all over design.  They didn't just get iPads, we created an entire desk/work station for them.  We set it all up in the upstairs landing while they were at school and they had no idea it was coming.

 We used a square wooden table we had and Sandi built a divider and then painted it with chalk board paint.  I got all the stuff any girl would want for her office, including a pink trash can.

 It was a HUGE surprise!
 They didn't see the iPads for a bit and they were just so excited about the desk set-up.  But when they realized what was sitting on the desk, Ella's face nearly broke her smile was so big.
 You know how kids are- they were SO pleased to see new, untouched notebooks to write in.

Ella was thrilled to have her own "book box"  (on the floor next to the trays of paper) and Maya loved having her own paper clips.  I even gave them each a roll of scotch tape which is coveted in our house.
Way to go girls!  You deserve it!  You are awesome and we are so proud of how you have held up!  Okay, now Portland bound!

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Gretchen said...

That's awesome! *I* want that desk setup! I especially love seeing Ella's face in the bottom pic - everyone loves photobooth! ;)

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