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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

birthday fun

Welcoming in Maya's 6th birthday started in the usual birthday manner at our house:  the moms set an alarm for 3:30 to wake to blow up helium balloons so that they would last all day.  As the two of us bleary-eyed, devoted mommies staggered around tying and curling ribbon, Sandi said, "Next year let's spring for Mylar."  Yes, please, let's do just that.

I have to say, it is all worth it to see the birthday girl's face when the kitchen is decorated for her special day.  (We celebrated Maya's birthday on Sunday when we were all home instead of the actual day since it is during the school week.  We did take her out for pancakes for dinner on her actual birthday - her choice- but the gifts and special day were a few days early.) 

Note how very dark it is outside still.  Early risers, plus delayed sunrise of late October makes for very dark mornings.  But who says you need daylight for birthday presents?
Maya is often hard to shop for because she is entertained much more by interaction more than with play objects.  She is just as apt to find amusement in a stack of measuring cups (as long as we are cooking or using them as a pawn in a rock band) than by a new toy.  But this year she had told us that she wanted pattern blocks like the ones at school and we decided on cowgirl boots to go with her Halloween costume (and, of course, beyond).

As usual, Maya's expressions didn't disappoint.

Ella gave her an SD card for her Innotab game so she could save pictures. She was wowed.
Her biggest reaction was to her the big-girl locket which she has been hinting that she wants.  Ella has one that she got in kindergarten with pictures of our family in it and, naturally, Maya wanted one too.  She adores it and wears to school every day so she "won't miss my family so much."  (How cute is that?)

After lunch four of her friends came over for Rice Krispy Treats (no cake or ice cream for this girl) and to go play at the Maine Jump- the home of umpteen bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses.  It is so cute to watch Maya with her school friends.  And four friends is just the right amount of friends.  Maya got all things crafty for her birthday and has been busy working on an endless loop of projects which she leaves all over the house and charges us real money to purchase her one-of-a-kind creations.

I don't know exactly when Sandi took this picture of me and Maya but I cannot tell you how much I love it.  It was one of those treasures I found when I uploaded the camera card. Happy, happy birthday to our baby.  We are so proud of you, but could you slow down the growing up a little please?

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