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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Schoodic: a sight for sore, tired, weary eyes

Last weekend we went to Sandi's family's camp for the first time this summer.  It is our family's favorite destination.  We got there Friday night with a plan to leave Saturday after supper (Sandi had not slept in her own bed all week) unless the gravitational force of lake life life got the better of us and made us stay through Sunday.

It was unbelievably such a sigh of relief to be sitting on the porch gazing at the lake.  It has been a long and arduous year in many ways.  Schoodic felt like the big reward. Maya did the happy dance we all wanted to do.
Friday night found us having supper on the porch, followed by a sunset kayak paddle and a raucous game of football.


Saturday morning dawned spectacular and promised to be one of those perfect Schoodic days.  We discussed if we would be leaving that night or staying another.  Taking the firm stance that I would need to all but be dragged from there, I was all for the longer stay.  (Plus, can we be honest for a minute about how much work goes into getting to camp for the weekend?  You might as well stay two nights.)

I'm not sure I had ever seen a prettier morning on the lake.


Maya was ready to show us her swimming moves.
First the tuck and dive.
Followed by underwater submergence (the hallmark of which is sizable splash.)
Some good arm over arm...
And ta-da!  (That is actually what she said.)  A swimmer is born.
Oh, and P.S. a diver as well.

Tia came to camp for the day and became quickly involved in some sort of plan the girls had with the dock and a shovel.

And our nephew Brevan decided to take all the girls on a boat ride.  

Schoodic is like a benchmark of sorts.  With nearly a year passing between visits, I can't help but marvel at the difference a year can make.  Changes that I might not otherwise notice, in myself and in the kids are highlighted against this backdrop.  As I sat with my feet in the sand I noticed how much more calm and contented I was this year from last.  No longer an engine at idle waiting to be put into gear, I actually could just stop and turn the key to off and relish all that was happening in the moment. All of the kids are more independent in the water, which is huge bonus, and they are so much fun to play with!  There is less fighting and bickering and more general enjoyment.  I watched our neighbors try to please a 9 month old who didn't like the sand or the water and I was very grateful to not be at that stage of parenting.
We are planning to go back this weekend.  Here's kids burning through your food supply with all the swimming, cajoling them to reapply sunscreen and trying to comb out swimmers hair.  Here's to  morning runs followed immediately by a jump in the lake, reading a book with my feet up, lots of family fun and wine at sunset.  Here's to a summer of fun at the lake! 

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