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Thursday, July 18, 2013

a way to help out

For anyone who lives locally who wants to feel like there is something they can do to combat the feeling of fear and powerlessness associated with sexual assault of a female cyclist 10 days ago, let me tell you what you can do.

My cool friend Chris has organized a group ride on Saturday July 27th in Canaan, Maine.  Here are the details:

Keep Riding Our Roads
Please join us for a group bicycle ride to show support for the female cyclist sexually assaulted in Canaan on July 7th. We are local women who often bike these same roads, alone or in groups.  We love Maine’s rural roads and want to combat the fear this heinous crime has created with a sense of solidarity and community. Let’s keep riding our roads together on July 27 and show support for the community, those that assisted, and the woman so deeply affected.
This will be a no-drop, non-competitive, group ride for ALL cyclists consisting of an initial short loop (10-15 miles), then a longer loop for those wishing to ride longer. This is an informal ride and will be non-supported so bring your own food/water. 
WHEN: July 27
TIME: 10am
WHERE: Fedco Trees, 213 Hinckley Rd, Clinton.

Also, you can go here for the public Facebook page for more updated info as it comes. 

This ride is open to everyone because everyone is affected by tragedies such as this one.  Please come out to assert your right to ride safely and to gather support for the woman so deeply and permanently affected by this event.

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