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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outside, please.

The last day of school vacation, with sun in the forecast, and me and my besties were all single-parenting it for the day.  What's a mom to do but team up?
Our texts to each other looked like this:
"What do you want to do Sunday?"
"I don't care as long as it's outside."
"Anywhere as long as it's outside."
With the temps not promising to rise above 50 we packed some warm stuff and headed to the beautiful spread of land on Field's Pond.  Hiking trails, space to picnic and a pond with a thatch of beach protected from the chilly wind.  What more do you need?
A pack of kids ready to hit the trails:
(No, it definitely wasn't shorts weather but Reed has his own, independent thermostat.)
Check out Beckett who trailed happily behind.
Once again I wonder how these kids keep growing like the weeds in a May garden.

For the third time in a week I marveled that I was at the stage of parenting where my kids had the stamina to be on foot for an extended period.  And once again, I was fed by the hushed peace of the woods.

 Reed, in a short series I like to call "Tree Pics."

  What are you to do when you find two branches of equal length?  Why make a train of course.

It has a tendency to attract attention.
 After lunch we walked another path to the pond.  Through brown fields, still unable to shake the hold of winter, we made our way through the makeshift bridges that saved our feet from the muck. 

Yes.  Please and thank you.
 Beckett is not just Ange and Matt's "baby."  He is our baby as well.  Likely to keep the status as the youngest child in our gaggle of kids, he is going to be the recipient of our combined motherly experience and more layed-back approach.  He will be quickly forgiven and protected as we all dote on him.

 The kids set up a store once again, with experience and new contributions lending to a more sophisticated approach.  Skyler fashioned a cashier stand complete with a conveyer belt.  I paid 20 pine cones for a few shells, an old brick and a fancy rock.  A steal if you ask me.


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