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Monday, April 15, 2013

a project for those in need of green

For anyone else that desperately pines for something green and growing, have I got a fun project for you.  If you've never made a grasshead you don't know what you are missing.  It is like a homemade chia pet but even better! 
This is the kind of fun that can be enjoyed by kids and grown ups alike.  All you need is some knee high nylons, dirt, grass seed, a few decorations (or not) and an imagination.
Step one: to make the "head" of the grasshead, put some grass seed in the toe part of the nylon and then fill it with dirt.  We used three scoops of dirt. Squish the dirt to pack it down and then tie a knot to complete.
The squishing is very important...

Step two:  invert the nylon so that the knot is on the bottom and the grass seed is on the top.  This way the grass will grow out the top as hair.   Shape into a head, spreading the grass seed out to grown evenly as hair. Place the excess strand of nylon into a cup (one that will fit your grasshead so it doesn't slide down into the cup).

Step three: decorate!

Ella made a ponytail out some of the pompoms in our art closet. I guess her grasshead has hair on the top and on the back.

Here is another one Ella made:
 I made these- one for me and one to give to my mom since she was coming to visit.  Just what ever grandmother wants, her very own grasshead.  "What is that?  A potato?" she asked, skeptically.

Maya made one for her and one for Beckett to give him on his second birthday.  Because every two year old also wants a potato look alike holding the promise of grass to come.

Step four: once the decorations are dry, gently wet the soil, especially where the grass seed is. Fill the bottom half of the cup with water.  The nylon will wick the water up to hydrate your grasshead.  For best results keep the top moist until the grass seed sprouts.    And when your grasshead grows enough "hair" you can give it a haircut!

I have no idea why Maya's grew so much more than Ella's and mine did but she was very excited that she "won" it the grasshead contest she fabricated in her mind.

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