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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

I write this last catch-up post from the cozy Carver house on Beals Island on Christmas Eve.  There's a fire going, all the family is here, Christmas music is playing and the four kids just opened up their matching bean bags and are hunkered down for a movie.  The kitchen table holds cups of coffee, happy, grateful people, the sounds of cooking and the smell of seafood chowder on the stove top off the holiday feel.

Sandi's grandmother has traditionally made a batch of divinity fudge each year and hasn't been able to the last few years.  Sandi thought it would be fun to attempt it so this afternoon we tackled the rather intimidating recipe together (involving beaten egg whites, candy thermometers and timed intervals with the Kitchen Aide) with great success!

The thing I'm the most grateful for right now is the presence I feel, my deeply rooted love for my partner and our family and the family we are surrounded by in this moment.  I am grateful for our family of 4 Christmas to follow later in the week (when Santa will visit our house) and for my family Christmas next weekend.

I am so thankful that after an intensely busy, semi-sleepless week, I have settled in to enjoy. I went to yoga yesterday and left the stress behind.  Sandi is on vacation until January second.  My missing of her has been so palpable as of late that I just keep smiling to look over and see her nearby right now.

I'm grateful for the friends and family we have been surrounded by all week.  Our friend Chris joined us for an impromptu supper this week when she came to bring us these homemade ornaments she made for us.

Question 1-inspired ornaments!

Chris also made us these adorable mitten ornaments, one for each of us, with the first letter of our names on them.  I have no pics but take my word on their cuteness. 

Chris has had lots of questions about the Elf on the Shelf so she came over for cocoa and to have Ella read the book to her last weekend.  Now she is fully into it.  She made these adorable candy cane reindeer for the girls and they were just begging to be used. 

Friday night Aunt Suzie, Uncle Buck and Noah came for a sleep over and we had a wicked wind/rain storm.  We lost power and before we knew it Jingles had joined the party.  Note the headlamp.

But this was his resting spot for the night.

The next night, he went on a different sort of bender.

There...I have caught up on all these blog posts and I'm getting ready to trade in the computer for a glass of wine.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all of you! Thank you for being out there and coming to visit here and lending so much support to our family and our journey.  I appreciate you all so much.   I hope you enjoy your families and friends and this special time of year!

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