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Monday, December 24, 2012

a preschool party: teddy bear sleighs, carols, a play and VIP visit

Maya had her preschool holiday party and holiday performance last week and it was just about the most  adorable thing you've ever seen.  

I made these little cuties for the party:
Maya said, "Oh my Momma!! Those are SO cute!! But I don't think I like any of those things." When it was time to eat them, she ate only the Teddy Graham. That's our girl.

First there was singing.  "Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn't go?"

Singing was followed by a play called the "Gingerbread Baby."  Maya was the gingerbread baby.  It is hard to describe the cuteness factor at work here. (Unfortunately, Sandi was at clinicals and couldn't attend but I did videotape the whole thing for her.) Here she is running from the the various characters chasing her.  Check out the tongue placement.  Shortly after this photo she was tugging at the fur around her neck and had both her bare shoulders out of her dress.   She makes a very fancy girl.
At the end she hides from her pursuers under the gingerbread house and smiles out at the audience.
Then a pow-wow with Santa.  The only thing she has asked for is a pink and purple crystal.

The kids had worked really hard on these gingerbread ornaments and even stamped the paper in which is was wrapped.  Maya was so proud to present this to me. As usual, we wish Highland Preschool went up through high school.  

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