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Monday, August 27, 2012

schoodic: last call

We've had our last hurrah at camp for the summer (sniff, sniff).  It is downright painful to leave that is for certain.  I don't know that there would be such a thing as getting enough of Schoodic; we just have to be immensely grateful for the time we squirrel away there.

These days become memories that last forever:


One of my favorite things about this summer is how much time we've gotten to spend with these three amazing individuals.  Between all the parades, their frequent visits to camp and all the time spent of Facebook trying to change the world (or at least Maine) in time for the November 6th election has allowed me to know and love them in a new way.
Does anyone else find this picture of Maya hilarious?  She's assaulting the swimmers with water whilst losing her bottoms.

A lot of things get thrown around at Schoodic:

I SWEAR Ella didn't throw this dog.  She was throwing sand and the dog was jumping up to catch it.  But this picture is priceless.

There is never enough time for all the dock jumping that must be done:

For any adults who are scared to learn new things, please post this picture on your wall.  Noah, blind, jumping off the dock.  Oh, and he also downhill skis.  And horseback rides.  And runs cross country.  I'm just saying...

Grampy and Brevan

Krisit's friend who was at a nearby camp had to try the somersault jump off the dock that Sandi has perfected.  (And no, damn, I don't have any photos of it...better rush back to camp.) 

Proof that I am a wimp.  I did succeed at the somersault but certain precautions had to be taken.  The photo failed to capture the flip but managed to get the nose plugging.

I can't remember if he was pulling me or I was trying to stop him, but either way, Uncle Buck and I went in together.

I guess despite our wishes to the contrary, summer is wrapping up.  Ella starts school in just two days.  The local pools are closed and the air on my pre-dawn runs (actually it is dark and I can see stars and planets) has a distinct nip. I can feel fall around the corner.  It is time to gear up for a new part of the year and I just want to stomp my feet like a petulant child and lay my body down on the warm sand at Schoodic and refuse to go to school.

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