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Thursday, August 16, 2012

missing tooth, a pie and making up for lost time

When we haven't been traveling the state of Maine in the name of equality, the girls and I are traveling the state of Maine for pure fun. Here's some of what we've been up to.

 Last week: Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.  I am duty bound as a Mainer to get there at least once per summer and this day didn't disappoint.
We went with Ashley and her twins and, in addition to the novelty of frigid water, floating seaweed and the shallow,  sun-warmed lagoon, there was the excitement of a loose tooth as well.

It took a solid half hour of wiggling, twisting and tooth-on-a-hinge before success was found.

And sand burial never looses its appeal (that is until you take off your bikini to get in the shower that night and a bushel full of sand falls all over your bathroom floor).

Can anyone see where I had to put my insulin pump to protect it?

It turns out even a toothless wonder can eat an ice cream cone.

For those of us without cable, obtaining computer access to the Olympics was no small thing.  Turns out we have friends in high places. Or at least ones with cable. We made up for lost Olympic time by catching up on our bedroom wall.  Gotta love a sister who has a projector for work.

We also have friends who know how to make pie and love us enough to return the pie plate that had previously held blueberry glaze pie with this AMAZING peach pie (with blueberries for color as Ange said).  This pie was so good it made me forgot why I like cake so much.  If this pie were in an Olympic pie competition, it would not only win gold, but it would take silver and bronze too because all the other pies would have left the building in a walk of shame.  Thanks Ange. Especially for the pastry hearts.  Apparently this proves one of my steadfast beliefs: love and pastry are closely entwined.

We got a hot and humid half day with Sandi and spent it at the mini golf course.  This was a first for our kids and some instruction was needed.  I'm pretty sure Ella is either gearing up for Masters or she is practicing guarding against home invasion.  Either way I applaud her strong effort.

I simply can't resist this picture.

It's possible that one of my "puts" accidentally had my ball visiting a family of roosting birds in a nearby tree and another one narrowly missed the waterfall area.

After golfing refreshments and the perpetual hope for dessert:

One thing is for sure as I move from day to day, packing and unpacking and making plans to squeeze every last drop of summer...I miss my overactive thyroid and my ability to sleep 5 hours and go all day.  Ah, the limits of being a (semi) stable human being.

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