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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

getting gritty

Maya is our dig down deep and get it done (by myself!) child.

Ella is our very discerning, I think I'd rather watch that looks too hard child.

Ella is only comfortable when she has mastered a skill entirely and would prefer to have no one see her until that status is achieved.  She is not a fan of learning curves or hard work.  She doesn't crave to be outdoors like most kids and generally prefers sitting quietly listening to music and drawing or making beaded jewelry and woven potholders.

This is why I love, love, love that she is a horse girl.

No weather is too uncomfortable, no fears stop her from mounting a horse every week and bossing it around.  She says it is her favorite half hour of the week.  Except now, because she has gotten the basics down, she can ride in a group.  Every Tuesday for one whole hour, and only an additional $5, she gets to ride.   With little hand warmers in her gloves and a fleece helmet cover to keep her warm, she is happy as can be up on a horse in the February chill.

For anyone who has ever ridden horses, you know that in order to make the horse go where you want, you must be certain and tell them firmly.  This has been my favorite aspect to watch Ella develop.  With a nudge of her heel and a determined mind, she can work the horse into figure 8s with the distraction of the other horses riding around her. 

I don't know that Ella, like me, will ever be the team sports kind of girl.  I figure the more we can expose her to horseback riding and maybe running or swimming, the more likely we are to not have her begging for a set of pom poms. 

Winter has just kind of taken its hold here in Maine with the snow now falling and sticking.  Still, February is nearly over and the days are getting longer and I can't help dreaming of spring. 

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