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Sunday, January 22, 2012


My apologies this post, like the others before it, has no pictures.

I was going to take a picture of the sign Ella made in pink bubble letters that says, "The Best Room"  with an arrow pointing to her room (naturally) but the camera was being persnickety. 

Which is fitting for the rest of how things have been going.

I am clawing my way back from a nasty five day cold that felt part head cold, part strep throat, part flu.  I got the all-inclusive of sicknesses, complete with head congestion, runny nose (both of which led to sleep impairment), fever, sore throat, fatigue, cough and body aches.  Mostly, the thought of bed overwhelmed any inclinations to pack lunches, drive people around and referee the knock down drag outs our girls are accustomed to.

Can I get an "amen sister" from all the moms out there that taking care of your kids when you are sick is, hands down, the suckiest part of parenting?

I had lovely offers from friends to take my kids, however Ella was sick with a lighter version of what I had and Maya was running a fever.   Sandi came home from Portland the evening of the third day, when I had crawled to the stove to make supper, casting longing glances at the driveway hoping to make her appear early.  (It worked.  She came home 15 minutes earlier than I expected.)  Ella was home sick Friday and Maya was home healthy and I was praying for bed time as soon as I woke at 8 am.  Sandi stayed home for a few hours and then was off to study, with the understanding that I could call her if I couldn't do it.

For a girl like me, calling "uncle" is a hard call to make. 

I decided to visit the doctor Friday and dropped the girls at Tricia's (which is where Sandi studies, but with ear plugs).  The PA told me to go home and sleep. I wanted to laugh in her face.  But thanks to Trish and Netflix streaming,  I got a strep test (negative) and a nap before they returned.

By way of general updates I will tell you that Sandi's semester (2 credits more than last) is like going from the frying pan into the fire.   In addition to all the studying, reading and test prep she has to do she also has a class that requires an additional 5 plus hours of watching lectures on your own time.

 Ella has turned into a pre-teen and sits listening to Lady Gaga (and Lady Gaga songs sung by the Chipettes) with her headphones on, singing off-key aloud.  She is moody and mouthy and snarls and growls at us if we cross her. 

Maya is more hilarious then ever and has become obsessed with my hair.  She questions me several times a day if my hair will be straight, curly or in a ponytail tomorrow or when I pick her up or when I make supper.  "You can have this necklace I made for you when your hair is straight," she will say.  It is the strangest thing.  She eats dinner as fast as she can manage so she can get down and become our supper entertainment.  Last night, she was doing magic tricks (from the magic show I had taken them to that morning) including "disenterpearing" behind living room furniture and then popping out with flourish. 

Maya always refers to the next day as "after bed."  "So Mommy will be home after bed two times?"  Finally Ella said to her, "Maya, do you know that another way to say 'after bed' is 'tomorrow'?"

I'm still searching for a name. I appreciate all the feedback!  I feel like I'm on the edge of brilliance.

Wait, I think that basically describes my whole life.


Zoe K said...

The one good thing about feeling as stretched thin as you do, no matter how frazzled and exhausted you presently may be, is that you know the moment will come when you do get your head above water. You'll reach your moment of clarity and you'll get to reign over your personal universe once more. It may not last forever, but hey! It's a silver lining! Hang in there! :D

Carver Fam said...

Zoe...I'm not sure I did know that. Thank you for the reminder that I will reign supreme once more. I so appreciate it. :)

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