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Monday, August 8, 2011

vacation...unplugged and sitting back

There is something incredible about going deep into the woods (or in the case deep into the blueberry barrens) to sit by a lake for vacation.

No bills to pay, no calls or emails that must be returned, no errands, no driving. The biggest decision in the day is if we should have flatbread with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil for lunch or supper and the only reason to know the time is to determine if you need to reapply sunscreen.

I've found that I have been very tired on vacation, likely a reflection of how hard I have been burning the candle since spring sprung 3 months ago.  At camp my eyes close (involuntarily) early and I sleep late!  We've got the kids set up to watch the ipod (totally cheating and TOTALLY worth it) when they wake and I've been sleeping until between 7 and 8 am.  That hasn't happened, honestly, since we HAD kids.

I've run a little, done lots of yoga, unfortunately battled a GI bug, read a book and half ("Born to Run"- oh, oh, a MUST read!), gone swimming every day even in the rain, and spent lounging hours in the sun with Sandi, her family, my mom, the Smith's and Manhart's.  Everybody loves Schoodic.  It is a magnet that draws all the best people together.

We've also been swimming, turtle hunting, kayaking, eating delicious food, playing games, and watching Ella turn into a fish right before our eyes.

Sandi's mom (owner and keeper of this lovely camp) and my mom:
One night we had Sandi and I and the girls, Sandi's sister Kristi and her two kids, Patti and my mom,   oh, and three dogs in a close quarters camp.  It was kind of cool that all our mother's were there, though.

The many faces of Schoodic:

And can I just say the sun hasn't been the only thing smokin' up the beach?

We've been putting all those muscles to the test by making Sandi do drills like catching frisbees whilst jumping off the dock.

(If you think our kids look like they are sporting a lot of bandages you would be correct.  They are obsessed with Koban, that self-sticking bandage stuff that comes in such cool colors it is hard to resist.  Most of these "wraps" as Maya calls them are covering small scrapes and even bug bites.)

Dressed for some dock time....

Kristi caught a frog and then had to release it because the kids couldn't leave it alone.   She found a spot under a nearby dock for it.  Soon after the kids realized there was also a giant frog under there to keep the little guy company.  Except that next time we checked on them, we saw just the flipper of the little frog sticking out of the big frog's murderous mouth.  Kristi, a devoted animal lover, was riddled with guilt.

Blue-eyed baby Beckett.  Now you see him...

now you don't.

There have been many sports as well, from daredevil lifejacketless skiff paddling drills,
to dock-jumping tennis ball catching,

and some good 'ol baseball,

We are soaking up every second.

Favorite picture so far:

We actually have 2 more days of vacation. It rained so hard yesterday that we drove to the Carver's (35 minutes away) to dry wet clothes, get refueled on lobster and get a break from the damp. I think more rain is expected today but then sunshine tomorrow and no one can resist a sunny day at Schoodic!  We are so grateful for the use of this amazing place.

Ella fell asleep one night and said, "Schoodic is my favorite place in the whole world."

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