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Friday, May 13, 2011


Ella: "When you massage people do you see their privacy?"

Maya, reaching for my face, me flinching: "I'm just gonna love your face, Momma. I'm not gonna poke your eye out."

Ella: "Sorry to tell you Maya, but there is no letter 'n' in the alphabet song,"
Me: "Yes there is 'L-M-N-O-P.'"
Ella: "Oh, I thought it said, 'limmino-P.'"

Ella: "Momma, I have an idea! Maya and I will save ALL our money in our piggybanks and then we can go back to Disney...someday. I have a lot of money in my piggy bank. I have BILLS. And other EXPENSIVE money."

Maya, when she fell down on her rollerskating and Sandi tried to catch her:  "Mommy!  Why did you push me down?!"

Ella: "I made my period that giant because Ms. DeBeck says she can't see small periods with her old eyes.'

Maya, as I was helping her do something and accidentally brushed her with my fingernail:  "Don't you do that or I will have to hit you in the face!"  (WHERE did we get her?)

The other night Maya crawled in our bed.  As usual she had lots of things: pillow, stuffed animals, blanket and PIGGY BANK.  Perhaps this foretells of a prosperous future?  Or that of a lonely, successful, driven wall street banker?

Tonight at supper we were playing the "raise your hand if you like" game- raise you hand if you want pizza, raise your hand if you like ice cream, raise you hand if you want to go to Schoodic, etc. 

Out of left field (where most of her comments come from) Maya says: "Raise your hand if you want a baby in your belly!"

No one's hand went up.

Shortly after, in the same vein, Ella said, "If Brady and Anna were to have another baby, they would have 4 kids in their family.  But Ange knows about babies now so I don't think she will have anymore." 

Apparently, Ange, it took you 3 tries to really comprehend all the work a baby entails.

1 comment:

Angela said...

1. I raised my hand at Schoodic. No really, I did.

2. Hahahahaha! Wait, that's not funny.

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