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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saving Daylight??

Yesterday our neighbor brought over about 100 pairs of shoes for Ella that her daughter had grown out of (thank you Karen!). Ella dumped them all out in the middle of the living room and tried them on as if it was a timed event. She looked like Carrie Bradshaw in a Minolo Blanik outlet store.

Today she asked me if we could order a book from the Scholastic catalog about Halloween? Huh? Halloween now? It was a book about bones with a skeleton on the front.

Ella has figured out a new favorite food and since its components are all fruit I am beside myself. She dips grapes in diluted orange juice. Yum! I gave her a wooden skewer and the introduction of a tool has made it into a sport.

Emilie and I took the kids out for (what we thought was) an early supper last night. Apparently everyone goes out to dinner at 4:45 on a Saturday evening. Talk about a competitive sport. It felt like being on candid camera. Too long a wait at one place which we find out after chasing children for 10 minutes, me running in to Pizzaria Uno to secure a table before the troops followed, playing a relay race with the wait staff to try to get our drinks, our emergency bread sticks order and our kids make-your-own-pizza moving before bedlam broke loose, and literally trying to contain what felt like three (I can't really count Ella so that's why it isn't four) wild animals in a leather booth. Emilie and I were like zoo keepers and no crackers, books or tic tac toe games could occupy for more than a minute. At one point, Emilie got up to walk Reed around while we waited and he snatched a bread stick right off the waitresses tray as she held it in the air. Luckily it was actually our bread stick order... Poor Emilie didn't feel well, they gave us our bill and we threw our credit cards at them and tried to eat while our hands were busy settling our kids. There was about a 2 minute period where the kids ate and it was quiet. The whole restaurant breathed a collective sigh of relief. Then the mac and cheese lost its appeal and the restless feet of Reed Gabriel started tapping. Sounds relaxing, huh?

But really this post is my official complaint about the time change. Did I not do a proper job explaining to my kids that this it the day you sleep later because it is actually earlier?? Apparently not. Maya was up at the real time of 4:45 (now 5:45- try telling my body that- it felt like the middle of the night) and Ella was up at 5:20 (now 6:20). And it didn't get light until fricking 7 a.m. I know, I know, you Seasonal Affect Disorder folks, you're psyched about the light. All I want is to feel human when I wake up again...


The Thai Family said...

We don't like the time change either but I think our reality check will come tomorrow. The girls did "sleep in" the extra hour this morning but tomorrow I'm sure will be back to getting up at their early time. I on the other hand didn't get any extra rest as I was up peeing all night... thank you baby #3 on the way! Oh well! Good luck! Maybe they'll have a delayed reaction tomorrow and sleep a little longer for you!BTW love your blog entries! They're always very entertaining. You do a wonderful job portraying actual events vividly! Hope all is well with you all.

Emilie said...

ha! thanks for writing that so i didn't have relive it! I think you meant "Reed's restless (sockless) feet somehow found their way up and over the booth behind us to wave to the ladies who were trying not to stare"

here's to sleeping late tomorrow?!

Emilie said...

that first sentence makes no sense. what i meant was, so i didn't have to rewrite it. xo

Jeannine said...

great reading, as always...! sorry that's all i have in me today - feeling kinda' flat i guess!

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