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Monday, March 30, 2009


Allow me to transform this blog from its family-oriented theme momentarily into a bragging outlet.

On Friday evening, I went running and had one of the strongest runs yet (as I told my friend Angela, as in mother of beloved Brady and Anna- I now bow to the inhaler). I very proudly broke the 4 mile mark, something I had not been able to do whilst sucking oxygen-depleted gasps now fixed by the bronchiodiatler, Albuterol. Yes, I have confirmed exercise induced asthma. Emilie, my running muse- as in "I didn't used to be a runner and now I am and I think you could be too"- told me about which allows you to map out a course and calculates mileage for you.

When I completed my course (and very proudly found it to be 4.13 miles) I also had it tally how many calories I had burned. It came up with an impressive, and utterly ridiculous, 7,000 plus calories. Wow! This running thing may have more to it than I thought. I let Em know my results, told her that I had eaten an entire chocolate cake and was going to bed. She emailed me back, "Um.. hate to break it to you but it was actually more like 700 calories..."

But the real kicker comes the next day when she asks me to fill in as her partner for her long run (on her May 1/2 marathon schedule). Six miles but I could join her 2 miles in for a 4 miler for me. Nah, why not try the whole thing? I can always walk if I get tired.

Let me tell you folks- especially those who don't think they are runners- I ran the whole frickin' thing. And could have kept going. I used to say my favorite part of running was stopping. I am now a reformed, born again runner, friends. And if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Tune in weekly for my sermons on finding runner's redemption...

Also, along the same bragging note- we have renters (with contract to buy within the year) for the Savage St. house. (Thank you Mindy and Charissa for matching us up.) As in, the Savage St. house is occupied and bringing in money. Will wonders ever cease?

(I seriously hope not. I have a lot of miracles I would still like to see.)


Jeannine said...

you GO girl!!!

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Wooo GO.

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