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Friday, July 4, 2008

It's official

I knew it would happen at some point.

I honestly just didn't think it would be this soon.

It's really just so sad... Ella officially knows more about sports than I do.

For most of you, this will not come as a complete shock. After all, the Carver's have been teasing me relentlessly for more than seven years about my appalling lack of general sports knowledge. Case in point was the time a Red Sox game was on and the announcer was rattling off some numbers when one of the players was up to bat. I, having not learned ANYTHING about thinking before I speak about sports in front of them, said, "How horrible. Is it really necessary to announce the batter's weight for all to know?"

For any who are as uninformed as I, the numbers they were speaking about were the batting average rather than the number representative of the players girth.

Then there was the time that they kept talking about a "key match-up." I kept hearing it and finally (again, open mouth, insert foot) said, exasperatedly, "Who is this Key Matchup? Is that a new Red Sox player?" In fact it is when a really great batter and a really great pitcher are matched against each other and they expect a potentially great play. Oh, well... I know now. Not about match-ups, but about keeping my mouth shut.

So this morning Ella was playing around with Sandi's new football that she got to toss around the yard. Ella says, "Why is this called a football?" I was doing yoga at the time, and not giving it too much thought. I said, "Well, I suppose because you kick it with your feet."

Short pause. "No. You throw it with your hands," she says.

Of course, she's right. I defend myself with the fact that footballs are in fact kicked for a (?) field goal. But, largely, hands come in contact with the ball more than the feet. Perhaps I was thinking of the European football which is actually soccer...

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Jeannine said...

From the band geek in the crowd Suzanne, you get an amen-although I think I'd have known the few things you were a little "confused" about thanks to one jockish type ex-husband!
; ) J

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