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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Maturity has taught me some essential things about myself. Among the long list is the knowledge that I am a creature who needs to be moving my body, ideally in a challenging fashion, every day.

I also need to be outside. Every day. Unless it is freezing or pouring. Then I am happy to be warm and dry inside.  

The mild winter we had here in Maine didn't mute the arrival of spring in any way for me. Every moment of sunshine, every lawn bursting with green, every open window and every chance to be without a jacket has practically had me jumping up and down. 

But more importantly, it has found me outside as every spring does. Cycling, hiking, running or playing with the kids. 

Maya loves to hike so we have been in the woods or up a mountain every chance we get. I think she will go anywhere if we can take Jax.

I wonder if Jax is allowed at the dentist's office...

Maya, with her bestie Abby, at the top of Chick Hill

We got to hike in the Amherst Woods with the Smith's along a waterfall and it was so beautiful. And no bugs yet! This is the best time to be outside.

Who doesn't love dinner outside?

In other news, the girls successfully completed their competitive gymnastics season. It was amazing to watch them find their own groove, to watch them be brave in a crowded gym of competitors and spectators, to master once unattainable skills and nail them when it mattered and to assess which kind of braids hold up best under pressure.  Super proud of our girls.

One of the best things I have done for myself in the past many months was to take an entire day when the girls were at school and hike Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. It was every kind of good of me and was one of those experiences that made my whole life click back into place. 

I am so very grateful to live in the beautiful state of Maine. 

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