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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Besty Rand, photographer adored

This spring we did ourselves a huge favor and booked a photo session with a woman we absolutely love, Betsy Rand. She also happens to be a gifted photographer. This is what happens when you mix a lively family of four girls with someone as talented as Betsy.  

Ella pulled a brilliant move on me while we made a mad dash for clothing we could wear to compliment each other. She has been desperate to get a jean jacket for some time and casually walked over to me at Old Navy with these matching jean jackets and was like, "So...what about these?"  Always good to have a fashionista in the family. 

Maya insisted on this. I swear.

Our little Ella gymnast. 

We all left the evening we spent with Betsy with joyful bubbles of love popping around inside of us.  When I look at these pictures, it is the fun and the love and the giggles and the silliness I remember.  They aren't just photos to me.  They are moments captured forever.  Betsy Rand, thank you. You are a genius.

(Note: former photo credit to Betsy for the picture of Maya in the previous post.)

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