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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

39's got nothing on me

This year my birthday once again consisted of the many shenanigans at camp we lovingly call "Suzapalooza."  A day of tubing, a dock jumping competition, the Can Jam Frisbee game, more food than we can ever eat, chocolate cake AND my mother-in-love's famous blueberry cobbler, and as much laughter as we can manage.  

Perhaps one of my favorites is the dock jumping competition.  This year, sadly, there were some camera issues so I don't have great pictures of the many memorable and creative jumps.   And I am including some that are blurry anyway just because the moments were too fun to go undocumented. 

Each year, god love her, Kim willingly steps up as the dock jumping judge.  Here is our esteemed judge tallying her results.  She is so cool she even has pink glasses. 
For the kids, I think the highlight of the day is the announcement of awards.  Can you see why we strong arm Kim into year after year?  She is just so much fun.

This year we had the addition of the "quacktastic awards" and I think the face says it all.

I just love these kiddos so damn much.

For my actual birthday Ange and I spent the day at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park with our kids.  It has become somewhat of a tradition for us and one I treasure.  She said she was making me lunch.  And then she did all this:

(I mean, seriously...I am SPOILED.)

It took no convincing for the kids to allow me to photograph them.

Ange was game too. 

 The kids always ask to bury me and I willingly comply.  I try hard not be a boring adult.  Here I am pictured as a mermaid (likely my only shot at that gig) with my flock of sand artists nearby.  They love to get a 3 second head start and then have me pop out of the sand and chase them down the beach.  I hope it was the incredibly wet sand and not the fact that I am now 39, but I could not "pop" out of the sand anymore than I can apparate like Harry Potter.

Every year the kids make up some sort of performance to "Happy Birthday" and they have only gotten more awesome each year.  Anna said to her mom that night, "Next year we will have to run around the beach singing, 'Lordy, lordy, look whose forty!'"  I love that kid and her keen mind for a solid plan.  And I have to say, my expectations might be on the high side for the big 4-0.

To top off a wonderful day, I got to go out for dinner with my three girls and my mom.  It was a truly perfect birthday (observed and actual) and I feel so very blessed.

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