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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ms. Maya Moo, first grade master

As Maya's first grade year comes to a close, all I can say is that this kid utterly amazes me.  I fear perhaps I haven't posted much about Maya this year because there has been so much focus on Ella but allow me to say that Maya is the light heart that keeps things happy and not too serious in our house.  

I am so proud of all that Maya has learned and who she has become under the wonderful care and guidance of her amazing teacher, Mrs. Knowles.  Honestly, we love her so much that it is a huge loss to think about moving on next year.  Maya is a bright kid with a big heart.  She is also very industrious and independent and could easily get herself into trouble with a teacher who doesn't nurture and mold this part of her.  These two were a match made in heaven and I love who Maya has become this year.
"Thank you for reading me 'Charlotte's Web' to me.  Thank you for being my teacher.  Thank you for being kind.  I love you Mrs. Knowles.  I appreciate you. Love, Maya"

But don't worry, she is just as silly as ever. 

This year Maya learned to ride a 2 wheel bike, learned to read like a champ, started making and saving money hand over fist (she plans to be a millionaire when she grows up), made it onto the gymnastics team and became OBSESSED with Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle's lip sync videos.  (If you don't know what I mean, watch here.)  There is no doubt this child has a future in entertainment.  She practices her facial expression in front of the mirror.

Maya also took up yoga this year.

Additionaly, I made all her dreams come true by duct taping her to a chair. "Finally," is what she said to me.
Our silly girls is just such a sparkle in the world.
She is also a total aggravation.  She and Sandi have an ongoing Sharpie territory war on cereal boxes.
"No one may eat this cereal except Maya!!!!"
She participated once again in the "Kids Like Me" program for kids with hearing loss.  What a difference a year made.  Last year she was a kindergartener, much younger than the other kids and rather unsure.  This year she was right in there with them, even having a contest with one of the older boys about who was more insane.  She feels she won.

school field trip- what is cuter than little girls holding hands?

And one for old time's sake.  Because is it ever not funny to eat breakfast with your ski goggles on?

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