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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

elf on the shelf

Now I know that many people find the Elf on the Shelf either a little creepy or just too much hype.  I know the shift in years past from unobtrusive shelf observer to more active, and possibly mischievous, house guest has not been welcomed by all busy parents but I have to say that in our house there is lots of fun being had.  

Our Elf's name is Jingles and he is not only part of Santa's spy network.  He also oversees a "magic mailbox" which messengers info and treats to/from the North Pole.  If the flag to the mailbox is up, the kids can check it for notes or small goodies from Santa.  

I mean, really, how can such an opportunity be passed up?

Underwearing the tree 
If you are wondering if this elf bomber jacket was purchased and if this airplane was hand constructed out of wood and then painted and decorated as the "Holly Jolly Glider" I will have to say to you: don't be ridiculous. 

Our elf is certainly not above stealing ideas.  These elves are doing all manner of creative things in houses across the land.  Luckily people are willing to share their elfish experiences.  One detail I discovered in my research: if one is to simply insert some medium gauge wire into the arms and legs, bendable limbs multiply your elf's possibilities indefinitely.  

Yes, in case you are wondering, homeschool on this day consisted of elf surgery.  Don't worry.  We provided ample amounts of anesthesia.  


Hanging in a bowl of Maya's favorite cereal. 

Ella's idea to bring in the American Girl dolls.   Yes, that is an elf baby bottle.  

Peeking out of the American Girl locker.  (Yes, we have one of those.)

Repelling off the chimney.

Due to the recent increase in Cheez-it attention and consumption, there was a large volume purchased during a recent shopping trip.  And then this happened. 

Purple milk or pink milk? That is the question. 
And I think this is my favorite.
I mean, seriously. what is there not to love about this?  Except maybe the remembering.  I confess, the remembering is rather dicey.

But then there is this:

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