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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Schoodic 2014, vacation like no other

We had an incredible summer vacation at camp.  As always, there is nothing quite like lake life where your iPhone has hardly any reception, your big decisions are whether to kayak or jump off the dock next and your to-do list consists of shaving your legs.  

Camp for us means uninterrupted time with our girls and each other, lots of family all around, runs on the dirt roads of the surrounding blueberry barrens, endless games of Frisbee (and this year and awesome game called Kan Jam- have you heard of it? So much fun!), rounds of tubing, fishing expeditions, reading, sleeping in and as much playing as we can do. 

 Maya's approach to fishing is along the lines of put the rod in the water and swirl it around until the fish can't resist.  We found a patch with so many sunfish that the kids were catching them hand over fist.  It kind of gave them the wrong idea about fishing such that every other time we went out they would complain every 90 seconds, "I'm not catching ANYTHING!"

 This year we rented a paddle board!  I was surprised by just how comfortable I was on it and how different it is to paddle standing up.  I highly recommend it!

Is she eating a SNACK while being paddled around?  

Maya's new trick: the handstand.

The hundreds of sprinklers keeping the blueberry barrens hydrated.

There was just so much fun to be had being pulled behind a boat. Thank you Patti and Dwight for all you do to make that happen!

Me and Maya.
Michaela, Kathryn and Braeden

Kristi, Diane, Breven and Patti

Sandi and Noah (who, although he is blind, was the most daring of all the kids)

Kathryn and Michaela

Sandi, Tricia and Kristi on their thrill ride

 My 76 year old mother went tubing!!!

 Wait! Whose driving the boat?!

Oh, phew!

Maya's summer pose:

 Kan Jam!

 How many kids does it take to get a toy away from Jax?  (Please disregard that the toy is actually a baby doll.  Yes, I know it is really, really creepy.)

Have you played Fibber?  A kid fav for sure.


Maya and Jax playing in the water.
 One of the highlights of vacation: enjoying a lobster dinner with both our families.

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