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Thursday, August 1, 2013

july weekends

Happy Birthday Nenna!

We were lucky enough to spend another weekend at camp to celebrate Makenna's fourth birthday. (However did that happen?  Wasn't it just last summer she was at Schoodic swaddled in a blanket and resting in the shade?)

Our family doesn't have just one curly, blond-headed cutie, but two.

For her birthday we got her a pillow with a picture of her and Maya.
We were extra lucky because we also had our nephew Braeden, from my side of the family.  It was a kid fest all around.  It makes me so happy when all our nieces and nephews play together (except Michaela wasn't able to come for the weekend so it wasn't a complete package).   But they all really love to play together.  I love that they don't seem to really care that they aren't each other's cousins. 

Braeden and Maya having melon and watching the lake with their feet up.

Ella and Brevan doing some shallow fishing.
Kristi with the birthday girl and her surrogate nephew.

We had such a fun weekend with Braeden.  Rumor had it that he was afraid of the water.  I don't know what his parents were talking about.

As always at camp there was some wild jumping.


I've had to finish up all my pending blog posts because what I really need to be doing is packing for camp!!! Today we leave for a full 10 days there.  Hello to being unplugged with my feet up and enjoying my family and my beautiful life.  The lawn is mowed, the car is registered, the kids hair is cut, trips to the bank and pharmacy are done and the mail is on hold.  Now to be creative about how to get all the stuff to fit in the back of the van because I have a date with a lounge chair and the four books I've packed.

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