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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last first day of preschool

Maya has officially embarked on her final year of preschool.    This is actually her third year of preschool- not because we don't love her, but because she has always been the kind of child who craves activity.  And because I also needed some work time.  And running time.  And time to cultivate my sanity.

But this year it's three days a week, instead of two, with Fridays as a half day. 

The morning of Ella's second day of school, Maya said, "Ella how about if we play spies and this can be your house and Momma and Mommy's room can be mine?"  Ella sighed and said, regretfully, "Maya, I have to go to school ALL day."  Maya said, "Uggggghhh. AGAIN?"

And within a few days she was asking when she could go to school.

In my mind, this is what happens in a perfect world.

One good parenting strategy I have learned:  don't let the kids wear or use their school stuff until school.

Maya couldn't WAIT to get her hands on this bag.  The one that was just like Ella's that is bigger than her but she HAD to have. 

We can understand.

It has always been hard for Ella to be apart from us.  The book "The Kissing Hand" was especially helpful to her and so we (probably Sandi) came up with the idea to put a matching heart on each of our hands so we could think about each other throughout the day.  We did this a lot Ella's first year of kindergarten. 

Maya wanted to do it for her big day, but she and Ella decided on stars instead.

The sun hadn't quite reached the sign for the perfect photo op.  Plus she really had to pee.

Maya and her buddy Jackson looking much too grown up.
(For the record, I could literally feel my heart splintering with the knowledge that this would be the last time I would ever do this.)

 Ella asked her before we left:  "How are you feeling Maya?  Are you okay or are you nervous?"  (I think she secretly was hoping for the later just so Ella herself wouldn't be alone in this emotional experience.)  Maya said, "Yeah, I want to go to school.  But I'd rather stay home with Mommy and Momma."  

Your kids might not like your cooking.  They might not like your rules.  But, man, they can dole out the flattery when they want.

When it came time, she was good to go. 

It's true, I wanted to cry when I left.  I can't believe my girls are this big.  Next year will be kindergarten for Maya and the big 3-5 school for Ella.  I love them so much like this.  I don't want them to change anymore.
Yet...around each corner I get a new part of them to love, a new part of life I can experience with them.  I would never trade these moments to stay in the ones from two years ago.  So it stands to reason that I wouldn't want to freeze these moments if it meant forfeiting the ones down the road.  As if I could.  But I think  I wouldn't even if I could.  I guess...
I drove home in a quiet car, an experience I haven't had for months. I did some back patting that I had not just survived this summer of single parenting, but really embraced and enjoyed it.  And then I got on my bike and rode 38 miles and went to work., all the while thinking  you gotta love preschool

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