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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

why wade in when you can jump?

Because the dock at camp is about 60 feet long, it makes the perfect runway for jumping.  Kids and adults alike can't seem to help themselves and running and jumping are the preferable way to get into the lake (even though the sandy bottom is a mere 5 feet down from the end of the dock).

We warm up with some conventional jumps: the run and jump, the cannonball and the rudimentary dive.


But then, inevitably, the Frisbee comes out.

Skyler, ballerina style


Sandi's dad, Dwight

I'm not sure how it started but Emilie and I have an annual tradition of  running in tandem and both jumping for one Frisbee. We think it is funny to do some light trash talking as we loosen up and flex our muscles in preparation for the task.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I may have even give Reed a small shove to the side when he got in my way after we had yelled, "READY! SET! GO!"

Honestly, the muscle flexing is all the more ridiculous with you look at the two of us in air.  There is no showdown here. I mean, c'mon. despite Sandi's far throw of the frisbee, Emilie has got me in spades.  She is seven inches taller and NOT plugging her nose.

Just because we can:

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