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Saturday, May 12, 2012

first grade concert: a practice in adorabilitly

I'm not positive adorability is a word, but if it isn't it should be.

And Ella's first grade concert would be a good place to coin it.

It is almost heartbreaking to me that the kids only have music and art once a week (30 minutes) and PE twice.  After all, I grew up when there was such a thing as school funding (and I guess lots of children were "left behind") and we had PE nearly every day and I probably had quadruple the art and music time.

Knowing the limited amount of music the kids get, I was all the more pleased with the 25 minute choral concert they put on. Excited, bold and too young to be embarrassed- girls AND boys singing their little first grade hearts out.

Here is the picture I took of Sandi and Maya (the one Tia didn't want to be left out of):

Reed, showing us his shark tooth necklace- a gift from Emilie's surf camp trip to Mexico. (Can't you hear it? "My mom went on surf safari and all I got was this shark tooth necklace...")

There are over 100 first graders in Ella's school that make up 7 different classes. My time in the cafeteria for kindergarten, and now first grade, lunch means that I know the faces of most and the names of many of these little budding people.  I was overcome with pride for them watching them on their risers.  (Sorry, not great quality photos from far away.)

They did a patriotic number to start.  Can you see Ella?

How about now?  Can you at least see the hair that is hiding her face?

When Ella gets embarrassed or nervous she hides her face- kind of like how a baby will cover her eyes and think she is hiding. 

But soon, the spirit of the music took over and she began to sing.   And make eye contact.  How can you not when the song involves hand gestures like arm rolling and interval arm raising?

(See Skyler looking super cute in the row behind?)

The best close up we could get from far away:

After the concert, Kaylee and Kendall's parents brought them flowers (how cute!) and, being the sweethearts they are, they shared them with Ella and Maya.

It has been such a joy to watch Ella emerge from her shell over the past couple of years in school.  While there are so many merits to home schooling, I know it was the right decision to send Ella to school. Her confidence and sense of self have blossomed and she thrives in the community her school creates.  I love this protected nook of a K-2 school and am conniving ways to keep her back in second grade.

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