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Monday, April 2, 2012

april fools

A few years ago on April fools, we swapped the kitchen and living room furniture to Ella's utter delight.   This year we decided to do it again since Maya was just a baby last time. 

I have to say, it is these late night commitments to parenting that make me proud of us.

Maya was quite bewildered.  Then she said, "HEY!  Why did you switch them??"  Sandi told her it was April fools day and Maya said, "Well what does that mean?!"  I forget sometimes that, despite the fact that she knows so much, she is far from putting it all together.

Sandi put Ella's horses up to some shenanigans as well.  (As a side note, Ella bought the little horse with her valentine's money and has worked diligently to save enough for the big horse- $36- and yesterday she spent her hard earned money on it at Target. It was a very proud moment and her entire family has many elaborated colored pictures that we paid $1 for to help her reach her goal.)

We had breakfast in the living room and it made me itch for a real dining room.

We then went to pick up Brady to take him out since an outing with our family was what we gave him for his birthday present. As we were driving back to our house I pointed out the window and excitedly yelled, "LOOK! AN ELEPHANT!" and everyone turned quickly to see.  I said April fools and Brady and Ella laughed and Maya kept shouting, "Where?  I still don't see an elephant!"

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